Grålle ”Lufsen”🕊️

Grålle född 2012-08-12
Kön: Hane
Socialt: Kelen, tam, kattvan
Färg: Blå(grå)-vit
Hälsostatus: CKD⚠️
Kullsyskon: Busan ”Lisa”
Kattkompis: –
Övrigt: Åter till Akutgruppen pga, ändrade livsförhållanden.

Grålle fick tyvärr somna in den 23 december 2022 efter en lång tids sjukdom 🕊️

Busan ”Lisa” och Grålle ”Lufsen” är två seniora syskon som både kom in till oss och adopterades från oss 2017 efter att en äldre man hade hamnat på sjukhus och lämnat 5 katter ensamma kvar i en lägenhet, släktingarna larmar jourtelefonen. Två katter omplacerades privat och 3 katter kom till oss, Busan och hennes brorsa Grålle samt Busans son Kisen. Katterna var då lite undernärda, inte kastrerade, vaccinerade eller ID-märkta. Men alla var sociala och goa i övrigt.

They came to me from Akutgruppen in 2017, both severely malnourished. Their previous owner had become quite ill/senile and unable to feed himself/them. Despite very thin and initially scared, they were very friendly cats (and still are). They opened up very fast, especially when fed. I spoiled them from the start in regards to food, so they don’t really eat anything that’s not a bit “fancy”. Gourmet Gold is a favorite, and James Wellbeloved (or similar) for dry food. They also love Dreamies and I use a “pssst” sound to get them to come for those. They don’t bite, scratch or hiss and both enjoy being petted.

Grålle ”Lufsen” (gray/white, ~4½ kg)
A bit shy/cautious, prefers to sleep either on his own or next to my head. As long as he’s given time he likes to cuddle. He hates being lifted, but can accept it for a few seconds if needed. If the litter box is not clean, he may poop outside (I would advise to clean it 1-2 times a day). He has kidney issues and has had them for a few years, so he is a bit underweight (but otherwise fine). He likes to sleep next to radiators.

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